Had lots of questions since yesterday regarding the information about NOT embroidering jackets onsite at convention this year. As a result, I talked to our merch folks and below is a better explanation than the original statement.


  *   No embroidering on-site at all. This means no names put on the front of jackets, no offices put under names, no names/offices put on polos, no new chapter put on the back, no blankets personalized, etc.

  *   No pre-orders done at home for delivery at convention.

  *   We will have kiosks in the shopping mall to order jackets for delivery to the shopping mall the next day. You can place orders when registration opens on Tuesday-6:00pm and Wed-Fri during regular shopping mall hours. You can use a PO or a credit card. To use cash, you will have to buy a gift card in the Mall and then use it at the kiosk because that station will not have a cash box.


Holler if you have anymore questions this does not address. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Indy soon.



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