Please see the information below from Mr. Beacham from last week as well as
see the attachments regarding how to enter and park, lunch shifts and


Good morning. I hope you have had a great week so far. My thoughts continue
to be with those of you on the East/Coastal areas. I hope the winds and
rains have not caused major problems.
As we near the South Region Rally, there are a few items that I need to
emphasize. This is a lengthy but very important email!!

First..We have no room for any extras! We have more than 1600 registered!! If
you have not registered, I am sorry but we will not be able to accommodate
you. We had to have a number so that we could order meals. If you have
registered, *Do Not Bring Extra Students/Adults*. Replacements are fine but
not additions.

Also remember we are collecting can foods. Chapter Prizes available!!!
Please encourage your students to be generous.

Teachers, please be prepared to help us with crowd control. Please make
sure your students follow the schedule.

Please read through the information below and see the attachments for a
help guide.

A few tips:
- SUNSCREEN!!, hat, water are most definitely necessary !! The forecast is
for sun and heat.  We will have some water available, but your students can
certainly bring their own.
- clothes that can get wet (clothes that are NOT see through!!!!!)  We will
have the water wars area and a water slide. A towel would also be a must!
- extra money for concessions should they want them. There will be common
snacks and a shaved ice stand.
- deodorant (PLEASE) This is primarily for your comfort on the ride home.
- registration is in the small building outside the RW Griffin Building.
Lunch will be served in the RW Griffin Building. There will be Area
Officers and others to help you to your area
- You will enter the EXPO grounds from Gate 2. Follow signs to park on
the asphalt
near the RW Griffin building.
- OCC (Opening/Closing Ceremonies Contest) check in will be at registration
- contest will be held in the RW Griffin Building

Finally, Please be patient with us. It is a new year, a new location and
more students than ever! Suggestions are always welcome.

*Competitions / Activities Scheduled:*
Water Wars (students WILL get wet)
ID Contests (Plant, Livestock, AG Mech, Forestry)
DNR Fun Stuff
Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest (sign up for presentation times at
registration -* Official Dress NOT REQUIRED*)
Water Slide

We in the South Region Office are so excited to see all of you and your
students! Let's make it a great day for all!

Tuesday Sept 10!!

*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *
*2802 Moore Hwy - ABAC 34*
*Tifton, GA 31793*
*Cell: 229-894-0507*
*Office: 229-386-3428*
*Fax: 229-391-3457*