Good Morning Teachers! I wanted to send an email this morning to say thank you for attending yesterday's Region Leadership Rally! I believe the Area Officers did an amazing job putting on the largest rally in South Region History! 
Thanks to you for bringing your students, having them participate and being flexible and patient with us as we transitioned into a new venue. As you saw yesterday, there are many ways we believe we can expand opportunities there. We were a bit conservative this year due to the new facility and not knowing numbers. Please know that we are meeting this morning to review the rally and, believe it or not, plan for next year. I will prepare a document for you to give your feedback and send it out soon. Please ask your students for feedback as well as we want to cater the events to the desires of the students as much as possible.

Thank again for your attendance. Congratulations to all winners of events! I look forward to our next time together.

Quality and Integrity!!

You got to love the kids!

Mr. Stacey Beacham
South Region Director – Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, GA 31793

Office: 229-386-3428
Cell: 229-873-4202