Dear ciliate colleagues, I was out of touch electronically when the word came out of the loss of Marty Gorovsky; I write to add to the many thoughts of the community. Marty was an immensely important and influential colleague and scientist. He contributed to the science of Tetrahymena specifically, and cell biology more generally. Focusing on gene regulation, he made major contributions throughout his long and productive career. Beyond that, he was an incredible mentor and colleague. So many of us were aided and supported by his generosity, his wisdom and his critical thinking, no matter if we were student or colleague.

Beyond that he was a close personal friend. Marty and I shared many steps along our academic pathway, and I will forever cherish my memories of our interactions.

We have lost him, but we can take heart that Marty will never be forgotten. He touched the lives and thinking of countless people. His ideas live on. His discoveries are the basis for new work by the next generation. He truly made a difference.

Peter Bruns