This is indeed very sad news for the ciliate community. It is difficult to add to what has been said about Marty's role as a leader in the ciliate community, his scientific excellence, and his generosity in contributing to the scientific careers of many. I will add that the breadth of his scientific contributions is unusual, particularly in these times; he was involved in making significant findings in the fields of histone/chromatin biology, gene rearrangement, the cell cycle, and the cytoskeleton, as well as technical contributions to the field. I will miss him both scientifically and personally.

Larry Klobutcher
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Dear Ciliate Researchers:

I am forwarding very sad news from Jody Bowen about the passing away of Marty Gorovsky. His studies led to many fundamental contributions in cell and molecular biology based on ciliate models, including groundbreaking discoveries on chromatin and genome organization. I had an honor and privilege to be among his many trainees. Marty was a wonderful mentor. It is a huge loss to our community.

Jacek Gaertig

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It is with great sadness that I write to tell the Ciliate community that
Marty Gorovsky died of a heart attack yesterday.  His wife Joyce said they
will not be having a service but the family is gathering together. Marty had
been having some health issues for a while. Joyce asked that I let his
friends know since she did not have contact information.   Her address is
6102 Westover Way, Somerset, NJ 08873.   For more than 45 years Marty was my
teacher, boss, friend and support system--a great researcher and so much
more. It is hard to believe that he is gone.
Jody Bowen