The chapters listed below have signed up a team for the ATE CDE tomorrow afternoon. If your team is not down or if you will not have a team, please let me know. Due to time, travel, set-up and materials needed: PLANNING IS EXTREMELY CRUCIAL FOR THIS EVENT!!!!

If you show up with a team tomorrow and have not notified me, be prepared to wait until the end of the CDE for your team to begin their rotations.  Which will be around 6:30 PM!

Items needed for each student:
1. Clipboard
2. Two pencils
3. Safety Glasses

Below is a list of chapters and students who have registered.
First Name Last Name ChapterName
Mason Boatright Bacon County High
Lane Kinlaw, Bacon County High
Corbin Jarrard Bacon County High
Christian Lopez Bacon County High
Landen Woody Berrien County High
Dalton Watson Berrien County High
Dawson Bailey Berrien County High
Jackson Pitts Berrien County High
Noah Lyons Charlton County
Ashton Lyons Charlton County
Tracy Bawkin Charlton County
Brayden Birke Charlton County
trenton cason Clinch County
Kaden Walker Clinch County
Seth Mizell Clinch County
Steven Watson Clinch County
luke lott Coffee County High
hunter james Coffee County High
Nery Gonzalez Coffee County High
Rusty Davis Coffee County High
Tyler Hunt Cook County High
Kolton Ogletree Cook County High
Andrew  Holt Cook County High
Connor  Herrin Cook County High
Cody Heath Jeff Davis High
Andrew Artis Jeff Davis High
Layne Powell Jeff Davis High
Steven Moore Jeff Davis High
Cade Herndon Jeff Davis Middle
Josh Heath Jeff Davis Middle
Tucker Rigdon Jeff Davis Middle
Bryson Mcloon Jeff Davis Middle
Joshua Furney Lanier County
Dylan  Holbrook Lanier County
Sam  Mancil Lanier County
Cason  Register Lanier County
Olivia Lee Long County
Josi McGowan Long County
Frank Matthew Gibson Long County
Dakota Pendleton Long County
Chesnee Hammack Lowndes County High
Molly Jones Lowndes County High
Gray  Carter Lowndes County High
Austin Mowls Lowndes County High
Jackson Hutson McIntosh Academy
Chris Schepers McIntosh Academy
Blake Taylor McIntosh Academy
Zach  Johnson McIntosh Academy
Ben Swain Pierce County 
Ashby Simonin Pierce County 
Matthew Carter Pierce County 
Lacy Leggett Pierce County 
Karson Lock Pierce County Middle
Jase Tyre Pierce County Middle
Zach Lee Pierce County Middle
Philip Justice Pierce County Middle
Jamesen Smith Pine Grove Middle
Hogan Wright Pine Grove Middle
Robert Flynn Pine Grove Middle
Chris Quinn Pine Grove Middle
John Watkins Valdosta High
Johnarie  Horton Valdosta High
Quavious Gilbert Valdosta High
DeAngelo  Berry Valdosta High
Matthew  Holmes Ware County High
Ronald  Harold Ware County High
Mollie James  Ware County High
Evan Lewis Ware County High
Maddox Link Ware County Middle
Lindy Penland Ware County Middle
Callie Minix Ware County Middle
Seth Strickland Ware County Middle
daniel hunter Wayne County
Sam Brown Wayne County
Tate Carter Wayne County
Jacob Daniels Wayne County

We had an AWESOME contest yesterday in Area 5 yesterday and I look forward to seeing all you tomorrow for another exciting CDE with your help!!! 

  - John Ratliff, J.R. Miles: monitoring the Tool ID event
 - Nick Hodges,  John Deverger, Alex Chism: monitoring the Measurement event
 - Helen Young, monitoring the Exam
 - Krista Morris and Anna Taylor for score entering and accuracy check
 - Ben Culpepper, Crandall Parlor, Spencer Highsmith and Quinton Hadsock for monitoring the Skills Event/Tear down and set-up of wiring           manipulatives.

Registration 3:45- 4:15. Contests start at 4:30PM.

Event Format:
•Tool Identification- students will Identify 25 tools from the list. 

•Written Exam- Students will answer 25 multiple choice questions. Written exam questions match the skill selected for the FY     20 CDE (focus on electricity). 

•  Skill- The skill will involve wiring a 120-volt circuit consisting of 2 boxes. Wire will be run in PVC Conduit. Students will only make connections.  REMEMBER: Strip, hook, and attach the device. No mounting the device to the boxes and NO CUTTING OF THE WIRE!! The wire/conductor will already be installed in the circuit and boxes.  There will be grounding wires already attached in each box eliminating the need for grounding clips (praise the Lord). Use only the tools and items provided to wire the circuit.


• Measurement- will match skill activity (wiring) and could include measuring boards, wire, & pvc pipe;    

  cubic dimensions of boxes; conductor count of boxes; or size of conductor.  Make sure your student reads the question at       

  each station and measure what it is asking for. Also, please remind your students to reduce fractions to record their answer. 

  Ex. Johny measures the board and records 10 14/16'' - NOOO!

        Johny needs to record 10 7/8" or else his answer will be counted wrong.

  Also, make sure your students record the answer in inches and not feet and inches.

  Ex. Susie measures the board at 1 foot and 6 11/16"  and records it that way - NOOO! 

        Susie needs to record the answer at 18 11/16. 

  Finally please make sure your student record the units (inches,feet, etc.) along with their measurement. Or else, they will  

  receive half credit on their answer.

Thanks a million!!


Jerry Stone

Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, Ga. 30602
Cell: (229) 891 - 6020