Written Exam:  Test questions will only come from the Small Animal Care and Management book by Warren
Practicums:  The one practicum each student will come from 1-5 of the Handling and Restraint OR 1-5 of the Clinical Procedures

  Handling and Restraining Practicums: 

1. Removing a Cat from a Cage and Placing in Cat Bag

2. Restraint of the Cat in Lateral Recumbency for Femoral Venipuncture 

3. Applying a Cat Muzzle

4. Applying a Nylon Dog Muzzle 

5. Applying a Gauze Dog Muzzle  


  Clinical Procedures Practicums:

1. Administering an Intramuscular Injection

2. Administering a Subcutaneous Injection

3. Filling a Syringe for Injection 

4. Opening a Surgery Pack

5. Surgical Site Preparation  

  Clarification:  Junior Area CDE

The Junior List for Practicums will be as follows for 2019-2020:
1. Removing a Cat from a Cage.
2. Restraint of the Cat in Lateral Recumbency for Femoral Venipuncture.
3. Applying a Cat Muzzle.
4.  Removing a Dog from a Floor Level Cage or Kennel.

Area 5 Junior
Ben Hill Middle 
CA Gray Jr. High
Calhoun County
Eighth Street Middle 
Lee County Middle West
NE Tift
Thomas County Middle
Worth County High
Area 5 Senior
Ben Hill High (Fitzgerald)
Colquitt County
Lee County High
Thomas County Central
Worth County High
Area 6 Junior
Berrien County High
Berrien County Middle
Brantley County High
Camden County
Camden Middle
Charlton County
Coffee County High
Golden Isles Career Academy
Hahira Middle
Lowndes County Middle
McIntosh Academy
Pierce County
Pierce County Middle
Pine Grove Middle
Wayne County
Area 6 Senior
Bacon County High
Berrien County High
Brantley County High
Camden County
Charlton County
Golden Isles Career Academy
Jeff Davis High
Lanier County
Lowndes County High
Pierce County
Telfair County
Valdosta High
Wayne County
Have a Blessed Day!
Todd Claxton
South Region Animal Science/Livestock Teacher