It's beginning to look a lot like Proficiencies!  

We know that you are winding down for the holidays but wanted to go ahead and get your predictions on proficiency application your students will have turned in February 3rd 2020!

OUR SOUTH REGION GOAL is to be a consistent competitor with our student's SAEs on the state level (which means 20 state wins). Please review the past tips/information at the bottom of this email to help you with your students applications. Also the quality of applications has increased over the past few years due to the judging process that the South Region has in place. Using Agriculture Teachers to judge the applications helps with instruction of students filling out applications in the future. Please take the opportunity to learn more by judging. The link to sign up to serve to judge is below. Judging will take place on  February 5th in Tifton.

Yes I will help judge!

Again, we would like for you to take a few moments to complete the form on the link below for each proficiency application that you intend to submit to the South Region office for the current school year. This worked extremely well the last four years and helped our region have the most proficiency applications advance to the state level judging and fill categories that were lacking an entry. Our goal is to have ALL areas filled with one of OUR South Region FFA Members! 

Please complete each box in the google document no later than January 31st and submit the actual application to our office by Monday, February 3rd, 2020.  All proficiency applications are due in the South Region Office by February 3rd. No late applications will be accepted.  This is a due by date, not a postmark deadline.

We will use this google document to check off your standard for turning in a proficiency application against the actual applications turned in to the office on February 3rd. 

If you send your application in electronically. It must be one email per proficiency application and in a pdf format. If you have multiple proficiency applications you will have multiple emails. EACH APPLICATION NEEDS ITS OWN EMAIL.

You must complete one of these forms for each application / student you intend to submit via the link below through the google doc forms.  Please contact the South Region Office if you have questions or concerns. 

You must click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form for your entry to be recorded.

*Please note there are some category changes for this year

- Gain Production E/P (together) 

- Home.Community is now Service Learning (please read new description) 

- No Food Science Technology 

Proficiency Sign Up HERE

Thank you for your submissions and please call on us anytime for help! 

Below are some helpful tips in getting those applications looking like STATE WINNERS! Use these tips to help you -- THEY WORK!!!! 

1. USE THE RUBRIC - When the student starts his/her work hand them a hard copy of the rubric (which is attached and can be found of the National FFA website) The judges receive this same piece of paper to score the applications. Try to make sure that every aspect that is being judged is in the highest points. Please note that there are 3 rubrics - placement/ownership, combine and research; choose the one that best fits the type of project that the student has been working with.

2. FILL THE BLANK SPACE - If the space is provided USE IT! My AG teacher made me go back, and back AND BACK until I had the whole space full. Do you know what that does? Provides more detail. Which gives you more points. It also allows the judges to feel like the project is real. I always made my students fill the spaces. It's like pulling teeth sometimes but will be worth it in the end when they receive that $500 check to go to Nationals, prize money on top of that from Nationals just for winning state and the GA FFA Foundation check to your students for their hard work.

3. DETAILS - Tractor name, make and model, fertilizer brand, exact measurements, numbers, number NUMBERS; these are all aspects that students do not think about. That's where you come in to play. Read over the application and circle places that need more detail and hand it back to the students. The space maybe filled but not with details. Details win! 

4. PICTURES - With the new system horizontal pictures are best. Action shots! The student actually working is great! Avoid: hats, sunglasses, long hair in the face and dark pictures. These pictures bring the project to life. They are not worth a ton on the new rubric but sure do tell the story. Start in the summer taking pictures. This gives you a wide variety of activities, colors, weather and clothing

5. CAPTIONS - Do not start the captions with: In the picture or I am. Just avoid I all together. Try to use the space and talk about the skills being shown in the picture. Or maybe even why what the student is doing is important. Also fill the space!

6. EXTRA PAGE - This page needs to be something that adds to the application.For example: an Extra page of data collected. Reports from an experiment. Copies of soil samples that were referred to in the application. A flier used to drum up business for their piglets etc. In the past I have also taken all the articles that highlighted how great the student was made them smaller and put them all together in a collage type page.  

7. THE LOOK - Be sure that you take the extra time to print the applications in color and have them in a folder. Not a 3 ring binder but a three pronged folder. If you don't have a National FFA Application binder that is alright. Stop by Walmart on your way to the office and pick up one they have some that are very similar.  

NOW let's get OUR 20 - this is a TEAM EFFORT! We will need ALL chapters performing at their HIGHEST LEVEL to achieve at least 20
WE ARE SOUTH REGION - WE ARE AGRICULTURE  - now let's show it off! 

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher 
2802 Moore Hwy - ABAC 34
Tifton, GA 31793
Cell: 229-894-0507
Office: 229-386-3428