The 2020 Ciliate Molecular Biology symposium in Lisbon, Portugal will be held from July 14-18, at the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Sa├║de de Lisboa (Lisbon School of Health Technology).

2020 Ciliate Molecular Biology Conference

July 14-18, 2020
Lisbon, Portugal
The conference website will be active soon.

Mark your calendars now to attend the 2020 Ciliate Molecular Biology Conference, July 14-18 in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference highlights recent research advances using ciliates, new tools and resources available for ciliate research, and novel community-wide initiatives in undergraduate research and education. At this meeting, interactions and discussions between scientists at all levels (undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and principal investigators) are fostered and encouraged.
All the information is now available at:

Hope to see you in Lisbon.

Happy Holydays!

Helena Soares