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Date: Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 10:11 AM
Subject: Long Term Sub Needed
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Hello- I will be needing a long term sub beginning around mid to late April
(my due date is April 24th) through the end of the school year. We end post
planning on May 22nd.

I am currently at Madison County Middle School in Comer. I teach two sixth
grade ag, two seventh grade ag, one eighth grade ag, and one eighth grade
Basic Ag. The sixth and seventh grades are nine weeks, the eighth grade is
semester, and the Basic Ag is year long.

We have a wonderful group of students here at MCMS as well as a very
supportive group of ag teachers at the high school.

I have already talked to my administration and we could have a teacher that
is already certified in ag or a student teacher that is finishing up-
either way they would have to go through our system sub training.

Please feel free for those interested to contact me directly at
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Thanks and have a wonderful day,




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