I wanted to reach out to everyone with some guidance, explanations and
reassurance regarding the POW review process that we have all undertaken.
First of all, these are unique times. Rest assured that I understand the
apprehension and fear of the unknown as we move forward. My sole intent is
to be transparent about the process and ease any anxiety that this pandemic
has caused in relation to your program review.

Your school is now shut down at least until April 27th. We have cancelled
all remaining FFA activities including State FFA Convention. We totally
understand that this is going to result in a number of standards being
impossible to meet. This is not a reflection of your performance. This is a
reality. We fully expect every POW in the state to reflect that the
following standards were not met:

   - State FFA Convention
   - Parent member banquet
   - 10 FFA meetings

It is a good possibility that depending on what your chapter plans were for
the remainder of the year that you might also miss the

   - CDE standard
   - LDE standard
   - Leadership activity standard
   - Maybe even the Advisory Committee standard.

The point is that we need your POW to reflect the true picture of what you
were able to accomplish before the virus shut all of us down. We have asked
that any standard that was not met due to school closures and cancelled
activities be put on an addendum and signed and added to your POW. This
allows us to excuse the fact that this standard was not met while still
presenting an accurate picture of what occurred. I understand that no one
who takes pride in the job they do wants to mark a "No" for something that
was not their fault. However, I would hope that you would be equally
offended by alleging you attended an activity that never even happened.
Please know that we are all in this together. I appreciate your commitment
to excellence, but in this case a "Yes" to an event that did not occur will
raise more eyebrows than a "No". If the event happens to be conducted at a
later date during this POW year then you will have the opportunity to go
back and change your answer.

Look at it like this: A few "No's" let's us know that you were in for a
busy Spring.

Thank you for all you do. I hope you and your families are all safe and
healthy. Please contact me if you still have questions or concerns. There
is nothing up my sleeve...this is not a trick...simply an attempt to be
honest, transparent, and truthful about how this virus has affected our
ability to conduct our programs.

Be safe, well, and 6 feet apart,

Stan Mitchell
North Region Director
Agricultural Education
J Phil Campbell Research and Education Center
1420 Experiment Station Rd.
Watkinsville, Ga. 30677
Cell 706-338-7230
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