Area 6 Teachers,

Please remember to submit your Gala Mower Tickets/money *during Event
Registration on Thursday*. All South Region Staff knows to collect the
tickets/money and turn everything into Mr. Beacham for us. If you would
rather turn them into Mr. Beacham personally, that is fine, you will just
have to hunt him down.

I will not be at the Area 6 events but Mr. Beacham knows to bring
everything to me on Friday at the Gala and I can ensure that you will
receive credit for each ticket sold.

*If you plan to turn tickets in on Thursday, please do the following:*
- *Respond to this email.* This way, I can inform the South Region Staff
who to be on the lookout for.
- *Submit tickets/money in a SEALED envelope with your Chapter's name on it
and the dollar amount in the envelope*. If this is done, we can prevent
tickets/money from falling out and getting lost.

The Georgia FFA Foundation greatly appreciates each of you for helping to
make this fundraiser a success this year! We could not do this without you
and I am excited to see who will win the prize money this year for the most
tickets sold!

*Hillery R. Culpepper*
Assistant Director of Development
Georgia FFA Foundation
P.O. Box 237
Swainsboro, GA 30401
Office - 1.800.323.0124
Cell - 229.325.4736
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