Beef Futurity Deadline extended until June 22

Please Note

1.            Document was prepared following CDC guidelines and the most current information from the Governors Executive orders.

2.            The guideline has been reviewed and approved by Govenor Kemp’s office.

3.            Mask are encouraged, but not required.

4.            Your event is considered a “Private” event and not open to the general public. Entry on grounds will require “credentials”. We can work with you on what that is. It can be as simple as a print out in the window. We can also give out credentials as people arrive as well for late entries and others that are            associated with the show.

5.            Each individual that enters the grounds will have to complete the COVID-19 waiver that is located at the back of the Guidelines. This waiver will be turned in at the security building to GNFA. 

6.            An event roster with Name, address, and phone number of each individual that enters the grounds will be kept for the duration of the show. This roster will be located at the security guard shack.


We will all work together to help make each event a success and I am asking for you guys to be patient with us as we gain experience with the new way that we have to conduct business.


In addition to the measures outlined in the guideline, GNFA will be taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of employees and guest alike. We will wear face coverings and other PPE when interacting with the public. We will also be screening all employees for COVID symptoms daily. We will also disinfect public areas daily with EPA approved sanitizers.


This guideline is a living document and we will update as we are given information on this situation based upon the recommendations from the Governor’s Office and state and local health officials. 

Have a Blessed Day!
Todd Claxton
South Region Animal Science/Livestock Teacher