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University of Georgia and University System of Georgia Faculty and Departments, and registered UGA Student Organizations, may request a list in support of the University System mission.

Complete the form below and submit it to EITS via the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. If you need more information before requesting your list, contact
Please allow up to 3 business days for the creation of your list. You will be notified via email when the list is ready and a brief set of list owner instructions will be provided.

NOTE: All settings, other than list name and archive setting, can be modified by the owners via the web interface once the list has been created.

List Name:

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List Expiration (mm/dd/yyyy): List will be automatically deleted after this date (optional)

Enter list owner information: Enter the primary list owner's name and e-mail address. The primary owner is responsible for managing the list, and will be notified of problem addresses via a daily report (for errors which can be interpreted by Listserv), or by bounced messages.
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You may add co-owners, who may also add and delete subscribers, and may post if posting is restricted to owners. These owners will not receive error messages. You are encouraged to specify a backup list owner. If you'd like more than two, additional owners can be added once list is created.

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Choose type of list: These settings can be modified once the list is created.

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Confidentiality of the list:
Confidential lists are not published on net-wide or local lists of lists, and do not appear in list searches. People will need to know the name of the list, and type it in, to acccess it via the web interface.
This list is: Confidential Not Confidential

List Archives:
UGA optionally provides web-accessible list archives. By default, access to list archives (regardless of other settings such as Confidential or Private) are available only to list subscribers (Access privileges can be changed by the owner once the list has been created).
Do you need archives for this list? No Yes

Initial Subscribers
If you'd like to have a list of subscribers added to your list at this time, enter them below. Note that the list owner(s) must also be subscribed to receive list posts.
Addresses should be submitted in the format:
userid@address Firstname Lastname
userid@address Firstname Lastname
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Firstname Lastname <userid@address>

Please check your responses to be sure they are correct.
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